Thursday, May 28, 2009

Installation of water main (main line) complete!

The main line of water main is now complete! The contractor has begun installing fire hydrants. There are 12 new fire hydrants going in. Once the new water main is connected and in use, the old hydrants will be removed.

The contractor plans to test and clean the water main beginning next week. A pressure test is when the newly installed water main is filled with water to a pressure of 150 psi (pounds per square inch). The water main needs to hold that pressure for 2 hours. If the pressure were to drop, that could signal a leak. Leaks are nothing to worry about in this stage because the water main has not been connected yet, so they're easy to fix. After the pressure test, a water main is chlorinated to get it nice and clean. Then it is tested (to make sure there's not chlorine remaining in the system), and flushed numerous times. Once the main has been tested and chlorinated, services will begin to be installed. These will involve a shut-off to each house for a short amount of time. Everyone will be notified when this will happen. Once that is complete, the water main will get connected at all ends to complete the loop.