Friday, July 31, 2009

Storm Sewer

An example of a new inlet with a connection to the existing main.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lining Project

The relining of the existing sanitary and storm sewers is getting done as a part of another project; the general contractor is Insituform Technologies. This work might commence this week with the cleaning of the sewers. While the actual lining process is taking place, Insituform will ask residents to limit their water usage by limiting the use of the toilet and refraining from doing laundry. Insituform will notify residents when this needs to be done.

The sewer lines are rehabilitated by a resin-saturated felt tube that hardens into a strong "pipe within a pipe". A chemical called styrene is used in the resin and can emit a strong odor that smells like new plastic. It is possible that residents may notice this odor as work is being done. Insituform first suggests that residents close all toilet lids. If the odor is present in a resident's house, Insituform suggests ventilating the house by opening windows and doors. The release of styrene during the typical sewer rehabilitation process does not pose a significant risk to human health or the surrounding environment. However, exposure to high concentrations of styrene should be avoided.
The underground work is ALMOST complete. There is one more storm sewer spot repair to complete on the north end of Buttonwood, but that cannot be done until a utility conflict is resolved. This will not delay any of the other work in any way.

Beginning this week, weather permitting, the contractor will start cleaning up and preparing for the roadway portion of the work, which will include driveway apron saw cutting and repairs, curb installation around the designated islands and then pavement removal. Once the pavement is removed the testing of the road base will be done and then the first course of asphalt will be installed. Access to driveways will still be available although there may be short delays during the pavement removal process.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

All water main work has been completed. The main is in and connected to any existing mains that are at the ends of the projects, all house services have been connected, and old fire hydrants have been removed.

The contractor is installing the final sanitary manhole today and then continuing with storm sewer installation. Storm sewer installation will continue next week as well. Pavement removal will not begin until all underground work has been completed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Water services have been completed! The contractor is currently tying the new water main into the existing water main at each end of the project. Once this is complete, the old water main that runs through the project will no longer be in use. These connections should be completed (weather permitting) on Monday. This work does affect some residents; they are being notified of any shut downs. The new water main (on which all residents are now connected) needs to be turned off during the connection, hence the shut down.

Sanitary repairs have also been completed! The second crew has started on storm sewer repairs and installation. Many of the existing storm structures onsite are being removed and replaced, and then reconnected into the main. Any existing structure that is not being removed and replaced is still being reconnected to the main. Some spots along the main will be repaired, but there aren't many of those. There is also some new storm sewer going in throughout the project, which includes new inlets and catch basins which will be tied into the existing storm sewer. This work should take a couple weeks. Once it is complete, the pavement removal will begin, scheduled for late July/early August.