Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Water Service Installation

Lenny Hoffman Exc., Inc. has two crews onsite, one installing water services and the other crew continuing with sanitary repairs and replacements. The water service work is currently being done with trenchless technology allowing the Contractor to bore a hole under the road and eliminate the need for road closures. However, the Contractor has been having some difficulties with this work and it may be necessary to begin installing the water services by open cutting the pavement. If this is needed the Contractor will allow thru traffic, but minor delays may be seen.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sanitary Spot Repairs

The crew that has been on site since the beginning will continue performing spot repairs on the sanitary sewer. This may take another couple of weeks, and then they will begin storm sewer work. There are several spot repairs on the storm like on the sanitary, but there is also some new storm being installed throughout the project. Mostly the work adds a few new inlets along the edge of pavement line to help with drainage.

Water Main Test and Chlorination are Good!

The water main chlorination was completed Wednesday and all samples came back satisfactory. Beginning Tuesday, June 23, Hoffman will be sending a second crew out to install water services. This will involve turning off the water to each house as the work is being done. The crew will knock on doors to allow adequate time for the resident before turning the water off for 30 minutes to an hour.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Example of sanitary sewer spot repair

See the previous post for an explanation.

The water main passed the pressure test; the water main will be chlorinated on Monday. This is a several day process, but once everything is clean, water services will begin to be installed.

In the meantime, the contractor has started working on spot repairs on the sanitary and storm sewers. All manholes are either being completely replaced or epoxy coated. Epoxy coating is a strong adhesive that is "painted" onto the interior of the structure. This is used in areas where it is not very feasible to remove the entire structure, i.e. near a large tree, in a spot with multiple utilities, etc. There are also spot repairs in which lengths of the main line of the sewer are replaced. In the case where a service comes into the main line while they are repairing the sanitary sewer, the service will be repaired from the main to the property line and a clean out will be installed at the property line. A clean out gives the ability to rod a resident's service should it become blocked.