Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The water main passed the pressure test; the water main will be chlorinated on Monday. This is a several day process, but once everything is clean, water services will begin to be installed.

In the meantime, the contractor has started working on spot repairs on the sanitary and storm sewers. All manholes are either being completely replaced or epoxy coated. Epoxy coating is a strong adhesive that is "painted" onto the interior of the structure. This is used in areas where it is not very feasible to remove the entire structure, i.e. near a large tree, in a spot with multiple utilities, etc. There are also spot repairs in which lengths of the main line of the sewer are replaced. In the case where a service comes into the main line while they are repairing the sanitary sewer, the service will be repaired from the main to the property line and a clean out will be installed at the property line. A clean out gives the ability to rod a resident's service should it become blocked.