Friday, May 8, 2009

Water Main Installation

Lenny Hoffman Excavating began installing 8” water main on Tuesday, May 5th. They began at the intersecting of Spruce and Swainwood and have proceeded north. Residents may have noticed the shut down went slightly longer than planned, but everything went smoothly. The water main was connected to the existing water main on Spruce that was installed in 2007. The crew will install the main line of our new water main the entire length, while keeping the existing water main in service. Most water mains are on what is called a “loop” meaning that it obtains water from both sides. By attaching our new water main to the main on Spruce, once the entire new line is placed, it can be turned on while the old line is still in service from the Roosevelt end. The crew will then go back and start putting in the new service pipe to each house. That will involve a water shut off to each house, but only for a short time. Then, once everyone has their new service (will all new 1-1/2” Copper Pipe) the old main will get turned off, and the new main will be looped, making a complete circle. But this all happens over a period of several weeks.

You may see many “Road Closed to Through Traffic Signs” on either side of the crew. We ask that you please do the best you can to travel around the construction. Residents of course are permitted to get to their houses if right in the middle of things, but if you’re able to park on the street for awhile it would be appreciated! That way you’re not slowed down by the construction. If you do need to get around the trucks and equipment, please allow a couple extra minutes. The crew will be notifying residents on the side of the road that we’re working on when that resident’s driveway will be out of commission. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!