Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pavement Removal

The contractor began removing the pavement on Monday. Access to driveways will be left open for the most part; there will be limited access for about 10 minutes at each driveway as the pavement is being removed directly in front of each of them. The contractor removes the pavement and smooths the surface as they’re going, and then comes back and compacts it before the end of the day. Pavement removal should go through the rest of this week.

Once the pavement has been removed, the three small areas that get curb will be done. These areas are around the two islands in the Swainwood Cul-De-Sac and at the very north end (dead end) of Alvin Court.

Next week, the roadway will be prepared for asphalt paving. The duration of this process depends on the strength of the existing stone base of the road. If the existing base is without any weak areas, the grading should take about a week. If some of the existing base needs to be removed and replaced with new stone, the process will take longer.

AFTER all this is done, the binder course (bottom layer) of asphalt can be placed. Due to the amount of roadway we are paving, this process could take a few days. Weather permitting and existing stone base preparation duration, the contractor plans to be paving in the third week of August!

Once the asphalt has been placed, a few things need to take place. A “Leak Detection Test” is performed on all the residential water services to ensure there are no leaks. The lining project (under a different contract) will most likely be taking place. Landscaping will also begin after the asphalt binder is placed (not necessarily immediately after, but should take place in September). The contract states for all disturbed areas to be replaced with topsoil and sod.

I’ve had a couple of residents ask me if the contractor will pave their entire driveway up to the garage. Hoffman Excavating (the general contractor) and the asphalt subcontractor do not do private work. If a resident is interested in replacing his driveway, he would need to do that on his own.